Yakiniku Don

city / taichang 
year / 2018
photographer / Dirk Heindoerfer
From Radius interior design

Beef Samurai’s very first shop was a food truck that set up on the streets of Changhua late at night, dishing up steaming hot meals of Japanese-style barbeque (called “Yakiniku”). Modeled after “yatai” (note 1) in Japan, the eatery became popular among foodies.

We kept the concept of “yatai” as we expanded with the branch in Dali, Taichung in early 2018. We transported the aesthetic of the trees and pebbles outside and brought it into our floor plan. Continuing the theme of integrating the exterior and interior, we used screen windows that can swing open 90 degrees. The terrazzo flooring brings another element of the outdoors in, while two trees are directly planted in the dining area. Evoking the early architectural style of Japanese wooden houses, we placed wood beams in the high ceiling space under the corrugated tin roof.

We want to give customers a “yatai” experience, where they can find warmth in a steaming hot bowl of Japanese comfort food even late into the night.