Residential of Lee

City / taipei
Year / 2018
Photographer /Lee Guomin
From / Radius interior design

This case is the renovation of a 40-year-old apartment, which will become home for a family of four. The biggest problem with the current old apartment lies in the cramped, confined space resulting from compartments as well as low ceilings and beams.

First of all, we plan the walkway circulation using simple building mass design, clearly separating public and private areas. All the doors are designed as hidden doors, blending in the material. The visual space is maximized with the axis lengthened by leveling the elevation and extending the material.

A substantial amount of hand-applied plain-colored paint is used in the space to neutralize spatial color intensity. Materials that symbolize nature, like stone, wood grain and special paint, are employed to create the symbiosis between man and nature with the changes of light and shadows. The living space evokes a sense of coziness for both the body and the mind, delivering a perfect, elaborate feast for the eyes as well as other senses.