Nice to meet U 

City / taipei
Year / 2019
Photographer / Elvin
From / Radius interior design

Founded in 2016, “NICE TO MEET U Trustworthy Selections for Babies” targets 0-year-old infants and kids. The origin of the brand name is based on the concept “the happiness of having newborns resembles that of receiving gifts”.

In addition to the service provided by café, NICE TO MEET U newborn & café has VIP lounge especially designed for babies, which integrates the demands of the owner and the spirit of the select brand。

The café is located in Ming-Sheng community, which is surrounded by gorgeous greenery. However, the original window view at the first floor is fragmented, which results in the unclear entrance and exit flow. We thus start to ponder on the relationship from external space (surroundings) to internal space (visual flow).

Gifts Given by Heaven

The concept of “Gifts given by heaven” has inspired a myriad of imagination---we change the position of entrance, dismantle the unnecessary wooden frames from exterior surface, preserve the original beam-column structure, and utilize crystal clear glass as the separation between internal and external space. Soft wood has been used on external walls to cultivate the harmony between the surrounding greenery.

As for the layout plan, the entrance is situated between softwood wall structures, and it embodies insightful meanings embedded in VIP ---the gift box. The capacity of the box extends the internal space to external space, which divides the flow and thus creates visual spotlight. The opening of the box alternates between high and low positions, which not merely enables parents to monitor baby’s movements but serves as a guidance for guests to gradually experience the happiness promoted by NICE TO MEET U newborn & café and the concept of the brand---babies being the “gifts given by heaven”---as they enter the café.