Nana Shop


city / Taoyuan
year / 2017
photographer / Hans lin
From / Radius interior design

When interviewing the owner for the first time, the cooperation is actually full of fun. The owner has been engaged in the apparel retail industry for more than 10 years. For this design and decoration, the original decoration is just old and the old one wants to re-decorate. Actually, there is no clear direction. .
So we started a conversation about life aesthetics...
Through the interview process, we understand that the owner has a keen sense of fashion/plant/fragrance/furniture/furniture and rich life experience. We present all his imaginary integration costumes in this design case.
In space, we talk about function. So we deal with the entrance window and the relationship between the counter and the dressing room. In the material we talk about aesthetics. We use the natural material of the earth to be the base background, which is called the exquisiteness of the dress itself.