N Residence

City / taipei
Year / 2022
Photographer / Hsu yung lun
From / Radius interior design

Designer / Joy Huang / Jimmy Yeh


The moment of inspiration is a sacred time when I converse with myself and let go.

The homeowner lives alone and has a unique taste for simplicity. For them, a home is not just a place to store daily necessities and hobbies, but also a corner that allows the mind and body to relax.

This project involves renovating an old 22-ping house. In response to the homeowner's desire for a simple lifestyle, we broke away from the traditional configuration of connecting the kitchen and the rear balcony, replacing it with a functional bathroom. It appears to be open but is actually a micro-space that maintains absolute privacy, providing separate areas for washing hands, using the toilet, and showering, while also enjoying natural light. Because the solid walls of the bathroom partition are set back, it creates a more spacious view of the living room and accommodates a lightweight island-style kitchen to meet the homeowner's desired flexible use. The main bedroom and guest room walls are appropriately recessed to create a long corridor with room entrances on both sides. At the end of the corridor, there is a collection display that adds to the scenery.