Banbo  restaurant

"Banbo" pronouced in Chinese, is the trace left by time, revealing the essence of things through its catalytic effect.

The fine-dining restaurant "Banbo" is themed around expressing Taiwan's sentiment, creating a culinary experience rich in Taiwanese imagery. From the perspective of the organizer, the daily scenery of the island is refined into innovative Taiwanese flavors through excellent culinary techniques.

Echoing Banbo's core philosophy, the space is inspired by Taiwan's street scenery. A 5.5-meter iron sheet is placed in the focal point of the space, giving rise to important functions such as the reception area, corridor, kitchen, stairs, and mezzanine. Similar to the Taiwanese-style street house that is continuously overlaid and increased for the necessities of life such as shelter and sustenance, it has become a Taiwanese functional form.

The iron, brick, bamboo, and wood in the space are all common building materials in Taiwan. We deliberately use techniques such as wrapping rusted iron sheets with wooden frames, weaving bamboo strips with equal distance cuts, and standing carbonized reed wall panels to show the pure beauty of the material through temperature and rhythm, responding to Banbo's
exquisite and elegant cuisine."