A Free Framework

city / taipei 
year / 2018
photographer /  Lee Guomin
From Radius interior design

This case is the renovation of a small old house. The owner is a young man with musical aspirations.
He commissioned us to re-plan this space, within a limited budget, converting it into a creation base that doubles as a dwelling.

The narrow and long house was originally divided into individual spaces by an independent corridor, with a round window being
the sole source of natural light. With the limit of base width and height, we first planned the main storage space, arranging all
required spaces in the center. Compartments serve as storage wardrobes/bed headboards, the low ceiling area is where the air
conditioner is concealed and the book display cabinet is located, and the corridor functions as the study/bedroom/rest/parlor area,
with the use of glass and sliding doors to provide plenty of lighting and privacy.

The open space and functional features are formed in the center of the house, with the surrounding naturally-formed circulation
connecting all spaces. The corridor is part of the space, blurring the boundary between space and circulation. The free space also
frees the form of creation.